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Работа в Самарканде / Резюме / Транспорт, логистика, ВЭД / Менеджер по логистике
38 лет (родилась 19 марта 1983), высшее образование, cостоит в браке, есть дети
Самарканд, готова к переезду
Гражданство: Узбекистан
Имя, телефон и почта доступны только авторизованным работодателям
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Менеджер по логистике

Полная занятость, готова к командировкам
По договорённости

Опыт работы 12 лет и 5 месяцев

    • Март 2009 – работает сейчас
    • 12 лет и 5 месяцев

    Transactional Executive, BAT Uzbekistan, Samarkand Cigarette Factory, Transactional & Customs Dep

    British American Tobacco Uzbekistan, Самарканд


    To develop and drive effective import-export and domestic end-to-end supply process for BAT including contract- and order-management, customs clearance and other relevant processes for all traded commodities. • Setup joint Transactional and customs stream within Logistics function on country level according to the regional design and set up new transactional support and customs processes; • Ensure providing effective support for business on both to Domestic and Import purchases as well as to corresponding intercompany Export & Domestic Sales / Stock transfers including the following services: I. Contract management activities II. Order management and tracking activities III. Customs Clearance • Implement standard compliance framework – both for Contract Management / Order Management and Customs Clearance processes, including authority limits, delegation, segregation of duties, responsibilities etc; • Provide general support and coordination including advice, consultancy on import/export and transactional issues; • Keep up with local politics, adherence, control and import/export legislation and liaise with regional management with all information on the country laws and regulations, disputes, facilities etc; • Simplify the current ways of working & remove unnecessary complexity, especially for transactions; • Reduce / eliminate errors in the processes which produce unnecessary delays in supply chain; • Dispute settlements with authorities; • Obtain simplified procedures, duty relief and exemptions for BAT, lobby for favourable import/export arrangements; • Deliver Transactional and Customs related cost savings; • Manage and develop customs brokers and other 3PL service providers supporting supply chains: • Develop and maintain Transactional and Customs stream internal business procedures policies and align them with BAT EE Ops strategy; • Foster customs planning and ensure compliance; • Provide required regional reporting in required templates in line with timings, foster statistics gathering; • Establish performance measurement process, consolidate and analyse data; • Follow Transactional and Customs stream strategy in the Region and create local vision; • Cascade long-, medium- and short-term objectives to the Transactional and Customs team; • Set challenging targets, identify priorities and inspire achievements within local Transactional and Customs stream; • Drive continuous improvement and complexity reduction process within Transactional and Customs stream, Logistics function and related areas; • Foster Customer Service culture within Transactional and Customs stream and provide the best service to internal and external stakeholders; • Manage Stakeholder relationships in order to manage expectations and understand customers’ needs; • Manage and coordinate relationship with local SCSC, and support functions (Logistics, Plan/Service, Procurement, Make, Finance, Legal etc.) regarding Transactional and Customs Process; • Ensure Transactional and Customs stream transparency and information availability for other departments at Regional / Local levels; • Provide synergy and well coordinated work between Transactional and Customs groups during routine operations, actively collaborate with Transport, Warehousing; • Establish and maintain good working relationships with Customs Authorities to ensure smooth supply process; • Establish and maintain beneficial and cooperative relationship in the area of responsibility with suppliers, customers, authorities and other stakeholders involved into supply process; • Continuously monitor changes in Customs and related legislation to reduce potential risks and define and explore new opportunities for BAT in Russia; • Evaluate and assess current Supply Chain model, identify areas for improvement and develop Transactional and Customs processes accordingly; • Set up user support toolbox and IT solutions aiming to reduce/optimize workload in each Transactional and Customs process area; • Drive outsourcing opportunities in order to reduce costs and at least maintain service levels; • Analyze BAT and External Best Practice and propose improvements to the existing business processes.


Знакомые и коллеги подтвердили навыки соискателя.
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Знания и навыки

Профессиональные навыки:

Communication, Negotiation & Presentation Skills, Resource management skills, Influencing skills, Coaching and Feedback giving skills. Компьютерные навыки: Windows 95/98/2000 MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Lotus Notes, SAP Euphrates, VED INFO, NORMA.

Дополнительные сведения:

Желаемая зарплата: 1500000

Иностранные языки

  • Английский язык — cвободное владение
  • Итальянский язык — базовый
  • Таджикский язык — базовый
  • Узбекский язык — базовый
  • Русский язык — cвободное владение

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